you drink
we count

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your tea session. We do the math for you.

Choose Your Style

Gongfu - short, increasing infusion time
Manual - suitable for Western style brewing

You are in Control

Modify the time left any time you want. Even during countdown.

Accessible Interface

Teahead Timer has been designed to use when dealing with hot water.

Designed with Gongfu
in mind

  • Remembers Infusion

    Teahead Timer increases the time of next infusion for you - based on the initial setup or your historical sessions. Of cource you can change it by yourself any time you want.

  • Remembers Sessions

    You don't have to set up your session from scratch every time. Choose a session from "Recent sessions", tap it and brew your tea!

  • Keeps Screen On

    Prevents your screen from going to sleep for the whole session or during countdown - your choice.

  • Rings Once

    No need to interact with the app to silence the alarm while you are pouring your delicious tea.

Have you ever wondered
how much tea you drink?

  • discover how long your average session lasts
  • count your total number of brews
  • share your stats with friends or post them on social media

set up once

  • set initial configuration
  • increase time for later brews if needed
  • changes you make during a session will be recorded and restored next time you brew

From the Author

Hello Teaheads! My name is Tomasz. My loose leaf journey started 2 years ago when I drank Darjeeling First Flush for the first time. My tea preferences have changed and now I am a big fan of good quality Sencha and Dan Cong Oolongs.

For my tea session I used to use a regular timer app installed on my phone for a very long time. Unfortunately, I often found it frustrating or at least disturbing. Constantly unlocking my phone, remembering if I already increased the time of the next infusion or I should do it now? The alarm... Can't it just play the sound once?

That's why I decided to join my two big passions of tea and programming and turn them into an app designed for Tea Lovers. I hope you will enjoy Teahead Timer in your journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

No need to create an account. Teahead Timer is ready to use right after download!

There are no in-app purchases and ads. You pay once to get the app and that also gets you all future updates.

The app does not require any additional permissions to work. However you might be ask for permission in the following circumstances:
  • if you want to save screenshot of your stats to Photo Library then access to photo library is needed
  • if you want to be notified when countdown is finished in case you have left the app then permission to receive notifications is needed

All iPhones running iOS 12.0 or newer are supported.

No. We do not collect any of your data. For more details check our privacy policy.